Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Grogblogging #3

Via Flashman:

It's on once again! The third Sydney Grogblogging event is to be held once again at the City RSL (565 George St) from 7.30pm on Saturday January 28th. Tell your friends, you've probably got more readers than me! I'll have a banner ready shortly for you to use on your site.
What is Grogblogging? It's a chance for bloggers and their readers to come out from behind the pale blue glow of their computer screens and meet each other in person. The name's a bit misleading, as neither grog nor blogging are required in this social situation. (Though some have blogged the aftermath of previous meetings.)
Everyone's welcome, whatever you blog about, and from whatever perspective. Yes right-wing death beasts, this means YOU TOO. For one night only, we're all just a bunch of geeks telling war stories. And as this event falls two nights after the Australian Blog Awards are announced, we may even be able to rustle up some kind of awards ceremony for any attending winners (to be confirmed).
Tips for the night:
It's an RSL. That means trousers for the guys
Try not to get TOO drunk in front of the cameras. Those pics go up on the internets, you know
Do not speak in l33t. Above all, never say "LOL" or "ROFL" in response to a joke
Interstate visitors must respect the one-shot penalty rule when playing pool
Using the words "right/left-wing media hegemony" incurs a half-glass drinking penalty
No flaming sambuccas before 10pm (see tip #2)
Coming along? Leave a comment. See you there!


Blogger Chief Moaner said...

We'll be there! Thanks for organising!

Chief Moaner - www.sydneymoaningherald.com

10:43 AM  
Blogger James said...

Now this sounds like my kind of event. And best of all, I'm a member of the Lismore RSL, so entry won't be a problem. Everyone else around?

1:21 AM  
Blogger Glen Fuller said...

I is going! Hopefully my second degree sun burn will have mended itself. ouchj!!!!!!!!!1

11:12 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

If I'm back from tamworth in time, i'll be there.

4:08 PM  
Blogger James said...


11:52 PM  
Blogger Glen Fuller said...

good photo james! i'll have to pinch it for my blog, hurrah!

5:12 PM  
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